Emaillerie Belge was founded in 1923. It is located in Brussels since, where it nowadays still has its artisan production.

The company is specialized in enamelling steel plates, this by repeatedly heating at high temperatures +>800°C.

Over the years (until the 1950’s), Emaillerie Belge has grown as an industrial enameller, mainly active in the enamelling of domestic appliances (baths, urinals, cookers, etc.).

After the crash of and limitations on publicity, the company evolved to a niche market where handwork and top quality are the absolute priority.

Now it masters the different silkscreen printing techniques, colour gradation and four-colour printing process. Its recognized reputation is today protected under the trademark Emaillerie Belge®.

All steps of the production process are handled internally. This enables us to meet all kind of orders for both small (10 x 10 mm) to large (1750 x 1000 mm) surfaces.